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An Embedded Map of San Francisco!
November 10, 2014, 2:03 am
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Comparing Social Networking Site CNIT 129-831 Fall 2014 HW #8
October 21, 2014, 11:22 pm
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Well I had to compare the main characteristics of  Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ , Social Networking sites.

Here is a linked to the comparisons I wrote :

Infodiva’s Video From YouTube CNIT129
September 30, 2014, 11:15 pm
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Hi I am sorry to bore you dear readers.

I am completing a homework assignment for week 7 of CNIT 129.

This week is all about online video sharing.

Here is my video from YouTube, It is a slide show. Cheers.


Pictures Photos From My Trip to Hong Kong & Bali, Indonesia
September 25, 2014, 2:53 am
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Hello Readers,

I am finally getting around to posting a few pictures on WordPress from my trip back in May 2014. I posted many pictures to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter during my trip.

I have to remember a few cities I visited that are not included in the title.  In addition to going to Hong Kong,

I also visited Kowloon, Lantau Island,  and Macau, one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China. In Macau we had to go through Immigration and passport control.   I took the Hong Kong MTR , subway metro many times while in Hong Kong. I took a picture of the high-tech Clipper-like cards called Octopus cards I bought to get around.  I will caption the photos so you know what and where they were taken.


This was taken in the Hong Kong MTR Central Station. This is my ticket to ride 


This is me on the Star Ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong Central. I loved this ferry ride.


This is the Big Buddha & Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. Huge Island.


This is a view of the Hong Kong harbor from Victoria Peak.


This is Macau a former Portuguese colony in China. This is a picture of the facade of Ruinas de Sao Paulo.


This is a photo of the famous and protected rice terraces in Bali, Indonesia.


These are Balinese dancers at GWK Cultural Park, Bali , Indonesia.


This is Pura Ulan Bratan, on lake Danau Bratan Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia.

I really want to go back to Hong Kong for Gregorian calendar New Year’s  one day.

Thanks for reading.

Homework Posting CCSF Fall 2014 CNIT 129 Web 2.0 Internet Technologies Week #4 Blogging

This week in a course at City College of San Francisco, CNIT 129 Web 2.0 Internet Technologies, the class is discussing “Blogging Platforms“; Blog.  I will be posting a link to this blog on the course website. 

The homework for this week was to set up a WordPress blog.  Since I already have a WordPress blog, I thought why duplicate myself.  Looking at the class notes, I may be using this blog for a few more course assignments, so forgive me for all this computer talk,  regular readers of my drivel.

I have had so much going on. There was a death in the family and work. << Grief is a Bitch>>  I had planned to post more about my epic vacation in April/May 2014, especially the photographs and travelogue about Bali, Indonesia. I only got as far as telling you about Hong Kong.  Maybe this course will push me to blog more. I really do want to talk about that trip. 


I have had a few blog accounts, I must say that I like the ease-of-use and interface of WordPress. I had a Live Journal site, and I have a Tumblr account which is sorely neglected. I like blogging but I microblog on Twitter the most and daily.  

If I did not create a WordPress blog from scratch,  I just had to prove I could get into my WordPress account and create a page. Voila!  

Reflections on 2014 trip to Hong Kong and Bali, Indonesia
May 20, 2014, 3:10 am
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I returned a few weeks ago  from a twelve day trip to first, Hong Kong for a 4-day layover and then 8 days in tropical Bali, Indonesia. I stayed at a lovely villa called Bali Dream Villa in Seminyak. I want to talk about HK first.

I really enjoyed Hong Kong. I liked the subway, streetcars, buses and taxis. The mass transit in Hong Kong is efficient, clean and timely.  I liked that I was able to navigate the subway easily from the hotel,  Regal Riverside in “Sha Tin” in the New territories to Kowloon and Hong Kong Central.

We rode ferries from Kowloon to Hong Kong but also a ferry from Lantau Island into Victoria (Hong Kong ) Harbor.

The only hiccup in Hong Kong was when I hiked up to Victoria Peak.  At 1,811 ft, it is almost 3 miles to hike and it can be steep in spots. It took about 3 hours and my quadriceps were talking to me. It also started to rain and the ground was slippery. Check out  EveryTrail’s Victoria Peak Walk  for more details:

Once atop Victoria Peak  <> I made a beeline for the Starbucks for some hot coffee.

Peak Galleria Starbucks Shop 7 6/F 118 Peak Road Hong Kong was just one of the Hong Kong Starbucks I ate at. I visited them mostly for the free Wi-fi and because I had money on my Starbucks card and it was accesible via my Starbucks app. There are so many Starbucks in Hong Kong. I went to Starbucks on Lantau Island. Citygate Unit 619 Tung Chung Lantau Island. I went to the Starbucks in Kowloon. Star House Shop No. B5 Basement Floor Starhouse, New Territories.

One morning near the hotel in Sha Tin I had to go the Starbucks in the City One Shops it is a mall. City One Number 633A 6/F Fortune City One No.1 Ngan Shing St. Shatin, New Territories.  My last SBUX was at the Hong Kong International Airport.


HKIA North Satellite Concourse 5NC154 L5 North Satellite HK

We also went to Macau  We had to go through customs both leaving Hong Kong and on arrival in Macau. Customs again on the departure from Macau and the trip back to Hong Kong.  I thankfully did not see any Starbucks. I went to a library for free Wi-fi. I did go to two casinos. The MGM and the Wynn.  I only had meals there. I don’t gamble.

I had a pretty full vacation in the four days in Hong Kong but I still had eight days to spend in Bali, Indonesia. I will tell you more about that part of the trip in the next post.

Buon Primavera! Happy Spring. I love Print.
May 14, 2012, 4:31 pm
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I am very happy the semester is over for Spring 2012. I am recognizing in myself that I like old technology and am old school aka old fashioned. Which brings me to the E-book.

After reading the infographic below on E-books , I embrace my printed books much more.

I have a reader and have downloaded Apple’s iBooks and Project Gutenberg, free digital books but I cannot get into reading them.

I think one of the main reasons are the types of books I read and collect. I love history books, travel books and fashion & art books.

One thing these books all have in common is the use of graphics and pictures. I like the large format of the printed pages.

Think TaschenDorling Kindersley  and Arcadia Publishing.

I love those three publishers.

It makes me just a bit nervous to think that print might be extinct.  Look at this infographic below.

E-book Nation
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